Every Day We’re Shufflin’

Coming off of a massive year that saw a record number of consumers focusing on home improvements and realizing their game room dreams, Sawyer Twain continues to focus on several of their key brands while at the same time expanding their overall offerings. Earlier in the year, this leading brand of upscale game room furniture products announced the debut of Nixon Billiards’ Hunter Pool Tables and is now pleased to showcase its shuffleboard table offerings for the first half of 2021. At once unassuming and exhilarating, shuffleboard is a game for the casual and rigorous players- the perfect fit for a dive bar, a posh hotel lounges, or most importantly, the modern home. With Sawyer Twain, the right table exists, be it handmade, a collectors, or one that is unique created for that exact space.

Sawyer Twain prides itself on continually fine-tuning its product line, focused on trusted brands that offer eye-catching, classic designs that are steeped in quality craftsmanship. One area that the online retailer puts particular emphasis on is brands that manufacture their tables in the United States. Handmade and expertly assembled, using domestically-sourced wood from renewable sources, Venture Shuffleboards creates eye-catching styles and product lines that can fit any family’s game room design. Hudson Shuffleboards also offer that same high-quality, handcrafted attention to detail but at an unbeatable price point.  With over 15 customizable tables, slingers can add-on options like custom scoring boards, leather & vinyl accents, hardtop covers, bowling pins, and wood finishes to give the table its unique sense of character. 

And character is a big part of what Sawyer Twain is about, knowing that each person has their own style and story to tell, which is why their customizable options extend across near every product on the site.  There are many options to customize, from table size and wood finish to color and beyond. Plank and Hide Co takes this a step further by creating shuffleboard tables that complement their already popular billiard tables. Additional brand options include Brunswick and Legacy, with the latter also featuring billiard tables to complement their shuffleboard options.

As fans of any spirited spot of competition, Sawyer Twain wants you to get in on the March Madness by offering visitors of the site a chance to earn bonus points with each purchase, from March 18 through April 6. Prizes include a pair of AirPods Pro, an Apple Watch, and event the chance to go big league with an NBA Jam Arcade Game. Full details with terms and conditions and be found at sawyertwain.co.

Whether it’s some time with friends and family or a more competitive setting, the premium furniture offerings of Sawyer Twain not only bring people together, they bring the room together. Sawyer Twain offers safe, “white glove delivery,” and professional installation options on select items, as well as free shipping on all furniture across the continental USA. For more information or to make a purchase, call 844.278.5350 or visit sawyertwain.co. With Sawyer Twain, you’re not just purchasing a product- you’re making an investment.