Toast to New Traditions: Bully Boy’s Holiday Hosting Wine Guide

Spark joy in every pour this holiday season with wine from Bully Boy’s renowned wine program. Known for their expansive and acclaimed drink offerings, Bully Boy’s manager and certified sommelier Emma Rubenstein, is sharing their all-time favorite holiday wines for hosting. Whether planning an intimate soirée or a lively holiday bash, grab a bottle at your favorite liquor store to enjoy at home, or, for those looking to “un-wine” during the holidays, try Emma’s picks at the hidden BeltLine gem by the glass or bottle. Elevate the hosting game this season and let Bully Boy’s exceptional wine selection be the toast of any holiday gathering.

1. Éric Taillet Champagne Extra Brut Exclusiv’T Blanc de Meunier
Elevate any holiday gatherings with the exquisite Éric Taillet Champagne Extra Brut Exclusiv’T Blanc de Meunier. This grower champagne, a testament to T’aillet’s dedication to the underdog grape, adds an ethereal touch to special occasions. Ideal for toasts, light snacks and oysters, this champagne is a perfect companion, creating a delightful symphony of flavors.

2. Wolfer Goldgrube Riesling Kabinett
From the scenic Mosel region in Germany, Wolfer Goldgrube Riesling Kabinett is a stellar choice for holiday gatherings. With its high acidity, this wine effortlessly cuts through the richness of seafood dishes, offering a palate-pleasing experience. Notes of peach pit, lychee and a touch of residual sweetness make it a perfect match for spicy sausage balls, a Southern holiday snack staple.

3. Domaine Saint Cyr Chenas ‘Les Blémonts’ Beaujolais
For a holiday classic with a twist, consider Domaine Saint Cyr Chenas ‘Les Blémonts’ Beaujolais. This 100% organic, sulfite-free gem from a family-run chateau is a versatile red wine that pairs seamlessly with deep-fried turkey, roasted chicken and salmon. Experience the delightful combination of candied red fruit aromas and a palate reminiscent of dry fall leaves—a delicious addition to the full holiday spread.

4. Piedrasassi Syrah
Piedrasassi Syrah, a USA-made wine with a unique touch, is crafted with minimal intervention and a whole-cluster approach. The Syrah maintains the expected smokiness, high tannins, and herbaceous qualities in an elegant and refined manner. Perfect for a pig roast, beef Wellington or grilled meats, this wine’s luscious and complex profile adds a touch of decadence to the season’s festivities. 

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