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Introducing The Kitchen Cookbook: Cooking for Your Community

Celebrated entrepreneur and philanthropist Kimbal Musk, co-founder of The Kitchen, an American bistro with restaurant locations in Boulder, Denver, Chicago, and soon Austin, is introducing his first cookbook, The Kitchen Cookbook: Cooking for Your Community. In conjunction with its official release, Kimbal Musk will be in Atlanta, GA. on Thursday, March 14, from 2–4PM, for a special book signing event at Virginia Highland Books. Joining him will be nationally acclaimed chef Michael Bertozzi, Culinary Director of The Kitchen and former Culinary Director of award-winning Concentrics Restaurants and Executive Chef of Atlanta’s iconic TWO urban licks.

A culmination of over 20 years of culinary expertise, The Kitchen Cookbook: Cooking for Your Community, features a collection of more than 100 recipes that emphasize community-building through shared meals. Inspired by Musk’s philosophy that cooking for others fosters meaningful connections, the cookbook showcases signature dishes like Tomato Soup and Cast Iron Roasted Chicken, alongside contemporary favorites such as Crispy Cauliflower Korma and Tahini Mousse Cake. The book reflects The Kitchen’s commitment to the farm-to-table movement by offering seasonal variations for many recipes. Each recipe is accompanied by a photo, ensuring that home cooks can replicate the dishes with ease. Additionally, the cookbook’s lay-flat design and QR codes provide convenient access to kitchen hacks and tips.

In addition to his culinary endeavors, Kimbal Musk is the co-founder of Big Green, a philanthropic organization dedicated to promoting food education and accessibility. Creating thousands of gardens and teaching hundreds of thousands of gardeners, for twelve years, Big Green has helped people grow their own food with school and home-based programs. With Atlanta being a primary market for Big Green’s initiatives, Musk has partnered with local leaders like Wande Okunoren-Meadows to drive impactful change. Notably, Musk has also collaborated with the Arthur Blank Family Foundation to establish gardens in underserved schools across Georgia.

The Kitchen Cookbook: Cooking for Your Community is available for pre-order and can be purchased at independent bookstores and major online retailers, including Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, beginning March 12, 2024. The cookbook will also be available for purchase at Virginia Highland Books and 3 Parks Wine in Glenwood Park and at the Old Fourth Ward. For more information on The Kitchen Cookbook, visit, and stay connected on Instagram at @thekitchen and X at @thekitchen.