Tio Lucho's new dessert, with chocolate and nuts

How Sweet It Is: Tio Lucho’s Debuts New Dessert Menu

Tio Lucho’s has something sweet to celebrate with the introduction of their new dessert menu. A collaborative effort between 2024 James Beard Award semifinalists Chef Arnaldo Castillo and 2022 James Beard Award finalist Claudia Martinez, executive pastry chef of Miller Union, guests can now revel in masterfully created desserts reflective of the Peruvian-inspired haunt’s commitment to showcase the country’s true flavors using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

“Claudia and I are kindred spirits. When I was looking to elevate our dessert offerings, I immediately thought of her,” says Castillo. “Not only would we have fun creating it, but she is known for her ability to shape menus and has a knack for understanding the unique personality of the restaurants she works with.”

Sure to satisfy even the most discerning of sweet tooths, Tio Lucho’s new dessert menu features a must-try standouts including: Picarones – sweet potato-squash donut holes served with lemon ice cream and warm spiced syrup; Passionfruit Chocolate Ganache, a cocoa sponge cake topped with passionfruit chocolate ganache, blood orange, mango compote, and Chantilly cream; Suspiro de Atlanta, a trio of creamy Peruvian desserts with caramel pudding and flavored meringue; and cherimoya flavored ice cream with apple jam, sea salt, and olive oil. Castillo also encourages guests to try their café Pasado coffee to compliment the experience. Featuring beans from the San Martin region of Peru, this traditional variation on drip coffee can be enjoyed hot or cold.

“Much like the atmosphere at Tio’s, our menu is a vibrant fusion of flavors, cultural influences and local inspiration,” he explains. “From our new dessert menu to our latest seasonal offerings, we hope everyone will continue to join us on our ever-evolving culinary journey as we approach our second anniversary this summer.” 

Tio Lucho’s new dessert menu created by Castillo and Martinez is now available during lunch and dinner. Visit them at 675 N. Highland Ave. NE #6000, Atlanta, GA 30306. For more information, call (404) 343-0278 or visit www.tioluchos.com. Stay connected on Facebook at www.facebook.com/tioluchosatl and on Instagram at @tioluchos.