Fire Up The Oven! Here are 5 Must Try Pizzas at Firepit Pizza Tavern

Foodies everywhere will want to claim the last slice as they dive into these crowd favorite pizza offerings at Firepit Pizza Tavern in Grant Park.  Owned by Leslie Cohen, celebrity chef and winner of “Cutthroat Kitchen” and with Chef Shaun Whitmer at the helm of the kitchen, Firepit churns out mouthwatering pizzas using the freshest ingredients and hand-tossed, signature pizza dough that’s made daily.  Pizza lovers can indulge in a menu full of 12’’ pies, sandwiches, salads and hearty appetizers that will satisfy all cravings. We’ve rounded up the top pizzas on the menu including Portobello, Arugula, Honey, Meat, as well as a build your own option.  Gluten-free crust is available and the in-house vegan red sauce is the ideal compliment to their vegan-friendly dough that’s used on all pizzas.   

1.  Pizza lovers looking for a meatless option that’s full of flavor will enjoy the Portobello pizza. Made up of white sauce, goat cheese, fresh spinach, and caramelized onions, this delicious pizza is topped with freshly sliced Portobello mushrooms.

2.  With a white sauce base, the Arugula pizza is made up of goat cheese, prosciutto, and topped with a handful of fresh arugula. The pie is then drizzled in lemon and Parmesan cheese adding an extra touch of flavor.

3.  Those looking to add a little spice to their slice will want to take a bite of the Honey pizza. Made with a classic, vegan red sauce, this pizza is made up of spicy Capicola, caramelized onion, Calabrias, honey ricotta, and fresh basil. This pie is the perfect combination of savory and a little bit of sweetness.

4.  Meat lovers can prepare for a fulfilling feeling as they dive into the Meat pizza. It’s made up of sizzling bacon, spicy Italian sausage, pepperoni, and spicy Capicola, making every slice hearty and enjoyable.

5. Those who are feeling creative or embrace the picky side of life can dive into the  Build It pizza option. Start with red or white sauce, then choose from a plethora of toppings including meatballs, grilled chicken, vegan sausage, honey ricotta, bleu cheese, peppadew, broccoli, cremini mushrooms, green olives, or a gluten free crust.

For more information or to view the full menu, visit or call 404-995-4777. Firepit Pizza Tavern is open daily for lunch and dinner and is located at 519 Memorial Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30312. Stay connected on Instagram at @firepitat and on Facebook at