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March 3rd, 2016 | News | 0 Comments

Treehorn Cider brings a new local brew to the Atlanta area: craft hard cider. Now available in restaurants, bars and growler shops throughout Georgia, Marietta-based Treehorn Cider’s high-quality, naturally gluten-free ciders are made with locally sourced, carefully selected ingredients and sustainable practices. The cidery’s meticulous process ferments the cider in the classic tradition that allows it to mature for at least six weeks and reveals a clean, refreshing and pleasantly dry taste with just the right amount of subtle sweetness.

“People often associate cider with the heavy sweetness and aftertaste found in most national brands, but Treehorn Cider is not a ‘macro-brand’ made with cheap filler ingredients. The quality of our process, ingredients and the materials we use are world-class, offering a much more refined and refreshing taste that complements a great meal instead of overpowering it,” says Jason Marraccini, Director of Business Operations at Treehorn Cider, which launched in September 2015.

The idea to create Georgia’s first craft hard cider began as a simple conversation amongst friends who took notice that the Southeast—Georgia in particular—was an underserved market within the U.S.’s burgeoning local cider scene. With Atlanta’s proximity to North Georgia’s robust apple farms, it seemed like a no-brainer for the now seven Treehorn Cider partners, including two ciderists, to bring craft hard cider to the area.

Treehorn Cider’s mission is deeply rooted in a culture of sustainability, including understanding and minimizing impact on the environment and promoting environmental responsibility amongst employees, consumers and the surrounding community. On the production side, the major waste product associated
with cider—the organic material leftover after juicing—is composted or sold to local farmers for animal feed. Plus, since no water is utilized to ferment cider, the cidery uses far less water than a comparably sized beer brewery. Furthermore, its products are packaged primarily in reusable stainless steel kegs, with plans in motion to begin canning using recyclable and post consumer materials with minimal display packaging.

When selecting vendors, Treehorn Cider actively seeks out companies that demonstrate a similar commitment to environmental responsibility. One hundred percent of the company’s fresh-pressed juice is purchased from regional apple growers within 150 miles of the cidery that minimize the use of pesticides and other agro-chemicals, as well as energy and water.

“From fruit to cider, Treehorn Cider’s goal is to become a leading sustainable small business, modeling best practices that will grow our business in a responsible manner and have a positive impact on our local and regional environment and economy,” Marraccini says.

Available ciders:

Treehorn Dry Cider (5.9% ABV):
The original, flagship dry cider incorporates five handpicked varieties of apples, including Stayman, Winesap and Arkansas Black, chosen for their complex flavors and tannins. Flavor profile: Tart apple and citrus aroma, bright and lively taste and a soft mineral finish with focused acidity.

Treehorn Ginger Reserve (5.9% ABV):
The first seasonal offering embraces the well-known complimentary flavors of fresh apple and ginger. Flavor profile: Clean apple, subtle citrus and light tartness is infused with the bite and rich, subtle heat of fresh Peruvian ginger to create a balanced and refreshingly complex flavor profile.

Additionally, Treehorn Cider is working on a “hopped cider” for late spring and a tart cherry variety for summer 2016. Because it embraces seasonal variation in apple crops, there will be subtle taste variations in each batch.

The cidery also will begin canning the craft hard cider in the coming months. Naturally, it is committed to using recycled and recyclable containers as well as eco-friendly six-pack rings when it does.

Treehorn Cider can be found at the following stockists in Georgia: Atlanta – The Brick Store Pub, DBA Barbecue, Leon’s Full Service, The Corner Pub, Battle & Brew, HobNob Neighborhood Tavern, The Brass Tap, Mercury Supper Club, The Cockentrice, Tap Gastropub, Saltyard, Kirkyard Public House, Ale Yeah!, Common Quarter, Local Three, Neighbors Pub, Ration & Dram, Milltown Arms, Mason Tavern, The Nest, Moxie Burger, Meehan’s Public House, Lucky’s Burger & Brew, Whole Foods (Merchants Walk & Avalon Alpharetta locations), Branch & Barrel, The Pig & The Pint, Wild Wing Café, My Friend’s Growler Shop, The Beer Growler (Avondale & Brookhaven locations); Athens – South Kitchen & Bar; Savannah – The Florence.

For more information, call 678-503-5000. Visit where you can sign up for the bi-weekly MailChimp mailing list. Stay connected on Twitter and Instagram at @TreehornCider and on Facebook at